Retro Respect

I stepped into GameStop today to pre-order my copy of Phantom Pain and noticed a new ad that explained they were getting into pushing the retro game scene. Up to this point it has been extremely hard to find old titles, maybe getting lucky enough to stumble upon a small store that stocks them and still hasn’t gone out of business yet. So to see a larger corporation like GameStop so boldly go down this avenue is not only surprising, but also gives me some sense of affirmation that they will be able to keep it alive nationally and keep a constant spot for me to venture to if I ever feel inclined to maybe find Battletoads or Super ghouls and ghosts. Not that I am currently in the mindset to want to scream blatant profanity at the screen or run through about twenty controllers before finishing those lovely, lovely games. And I am not currently aware how dense their library is on this topic, especially because with no more production of these games it would technically have to be strictly on a trade-in basis. Or they might try to buy out the stock of some of these locally owned game stores. Though whatever the case may be at least they are heading in the right direction to try and be your one stop video game shop.

And is it really surprising that retro games are starting to make their way back into our lives? I mean it might not be so hard to believe with such titles as Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, or even Pac-Man and assuredly many more that captivated the creation of this market. But taking a look at all the games that already exist today and the ones that are on the way, it’s hard to think with such a good year as it is to be a gamer that we have time to take a step back. Regardless it is easy to say that making memories with these classics again could never be considered a bad thing. Some of my fondest memories as a gamer had to be from my youth and playing these hits in specific ways that would stay with me forever. The one that sticks out the most would have to have been Zelda’s “A link to the past”. Which undoubtedly as the name ironically implies, links me to my past in one of the best ways I can recall. I remember countless weekends with my father and brother playing this game over and over again. Struggling at first, the epic boss fights or figuring out every puzzle and searching every nook and cranny for every item we could possibly muster. Until it got to the point that we were so proficient we could wreck this amazing game in just a few short hours. It’s easy to say that it is because of times like these that I am the gamer I am today. And why not be able to relive these moments or even create new ones with some of the people that are closest with us now. I think everyone can agree that as the times change as we all know they do, so do the faces that are associated with it.

Whatever your reasons may be the past is now present, so gear up, plug in, and play towards a more reminiscent future.


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