Third Eye Pinecones

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting my best buddy Mike in California. While I was there he turned me onto a company called Third Eye Pinecones. He showed me his “cone” and explained their marketing methods.Not only was the pendant immaculately beautiful, but he told me that for every one a person bought, they planted a new tree. Immediately I was drawn in.

Enter the world of…


And yeah, he wasn’t kidding. After more extensive research, they go on to explain the intricacies of their development. They find a cone, take a slice out of it, and then burn the rest of it to extract the seeds in order to plant new trees in places that need them the most. And seeing as how this particular species of pinecone “the knob cone pine” can only reproduce through fire, whether that be natural or man made… You’re not likely to find them in just any part of the world. This not only means that each pendant they sell is entirely unique. In fact if you try to purchase one from the website the catchphrase on every cone states “This uniquely hand-crafted pinecone pendant is the exact one you will receive.” But it also means that with each purchase, you are helping to create a better world for us to live in. Frankly not too many corporations go over and beyond in this manner. Most people are just in it for the money. And while I am sure Third Eye Pinecones is making a certain kind of killing, they at least stick to their morals in a way that I am sure will stay with them as long as they are in business. That kind of principle is something that money could never buy. For these reasons alone I went to buy my very own cone and after being showed a glimpse of this new world I found myself spending many hours on the website to find the perfect cone that spoke out and said that it was uniquely me. Seeing as how it was my first cone I didn’t want to spend too much in case the quality was not what I expected…

my cone

Fortunately for me it wasn’t what I expected, it was better. This undoubtedly is probably just the first of many cones that I will purchase in my lifetime. The beauty of it is that each stone or engraving has a different meaning behind it. This one of mine in particular being Labradorite (it is a black stone that has a prominent blue or green shine created from labrodoresence when light hits it), which from their site states… “Labradorite is regarded as a highly mystical and protective stone, and is often used by healing arts practitioners as a barrier against negative energies released during treatment. It is thought to facilitate powerful shifts in consciousness, helping to connect with higher energy in the present while imparting the strength and perseverance necessary to clear past difficulties and traumas. Labradorite calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination, bringing up new ideas and balancing the rational mind with deep esoteric thought.” And it may just be silly superstition, but i’ll  be damned if it doesn’t feel as if it is doing just that.

With so many different types and meanings behind them, I feel as if a third eye pinecone could be a timeless gift to myself or others that facilitate what I need for the moment in which I receive it. While at this time I may need something like Labradorite to help me forget or at least move past bad memories and help push me towards a more positive future. Tomorrow I might need something like Malachite if I desire a physical, emotional, or spiritual “reboot” – to allow me to more gracefully choose habits which are better serving of the greater good. Or so they say… Regardless this may have been the first one that I have purchased, but it surely will not be the last.

If you need a little more convincing before spending your hard earned money on an unfamiliar product, go for a gander at their website or take a look at this YouTube video that explains the story of Third Eye Pinecones from their founder “Carl Weiseth”.

or a look at an interview of him on

So if you are feeling as if you should or would like to try a new form of jewelry that is more connected to the earth or even yourself than any other… and in a fresh way that takes as much care of you as it does your environment… try Third Eye Pinecones.


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