At first glance

Everyone who is reading this can agree that in some point in their life they have been judged for their appearance. Whether it be tattoos, piercings, body type, or even level of attractiveness. Something they were born with or something they added to their body. And sometimes the comments may come in the form of a compliment, and in other situations ridicule. More often than not, most of the things about myself that I love and define me are highly frowned upon in our society to this day. Granted things are getting better, even tattoos are more widely accepted than they ever have been. Used to be they were considered to be only utilized by gangs or even persons of low moral character. Which I find ironic because for some time it was a great tradition of the military to get tattooed though now you’d be lucky to join the military if you have any. It’s always two steps forward, one step back right?

Regardless of what the situation with your body is, it’s your body. To do with what you please. And the fact that most people still do not grasp this concept boggles me to this very day. We live in a time now where you can literally change anything you want about yourself. Hell, men are becoming women and women are becoming men yet people are still most concerned with a septum piercing or a work of art on a forearm. The fact that it “Isn’t natural” when come on folks who are you kidding, it “isn’t natural” that we wear clothing in public. Or at least it wasn’t, but yeah we gave it some time and eventually it stuck. That being said this whole ordeal of appearance is a problem of society and it’s level of mental evolution, rather than a issue of an individual. For instance if we were born with tattoos it would be alright, and god forbid you ended up being a tattoo albino and be emotionally and psychologically destroyed for the rest of your life by your peers for not having them whether you were born without them or simply had them removed. The point is our higher level of consciousness and therefore intelligence that separates us from other creatures, is what allows us to decide what is normal and what isn’t. The thing is I don’t see our race ever getting to the point of bettering ourselves for the greater good, we’re too busy only caring about ourselves.


You might be wondering why these two can get along better than most humans can with one another despite their obvious visual differences. I’ll give you a hint… it’s because they aren’t thinking about it.

Here is a simple test for you. We all know this gal right?


That’s right, Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled. But how would you feel if she looked like this?


Would you feel different about her maybe? Of course most people would, but it’s funny how the answer to this is opinion based and everyone’s will not be the same.  And as such the opinion doesn’t really matter. Someone with tattoos and piercings is more apt to like the second image of her more so than someone who doesn’t. But that is still society… judging.

My answer is that while she does look different… I still see more prominently the bubbly well mannered imaginative girl with a huge heart than I do her skin or clothing. The first thing that jumped at me when seeing that image was all of the good memories I retained from the movie. And the beauty of it is even if you swapped them out and placed tattooed Rapunzel in the movie, it would still be the same movie. Our race is all too busy focusing on an appearance rather than what really matters, the character.

One of my best buddies recently got turned down for by a job because of his ink. He doesn’t have anything offensive of any kind rather than the act of simply having tattoos which automatically for some reason offends people. He was prior Army and as far as moral character and work ethic goes, one of the best people I know. Funny thing was he was applying to be a dishwasher. Which ok, I understand if you own a restaurant it’s yours and you run to run it a certain way. So if you don’t want your customers seeing tattoos, understandable. But when you have someone trying to work a position where customers will never really see them? I find that a tad bit ridiculous. In my opinion they lost out on one of the best employees they could probably ever have. Yet they would rather hire someone like my last dishwasher who had only the marks he was born with, that never did any work of any girth. He merely only ever complained and always with a bad attitude. I could say many things about him but it sums up by simply saying he was just a man that never took his job seriously. I guess that’s what you get when you hire for appearance rather than ethic.

I think it’s high time we ceased focusing on the color of a persons skin, and concentrated more on the content of their heart and soul. It only takes a few seconds to really get a good look at someone, but it could honestly take you days or even years to explain to you why they look the way they do. When in the end as I think we all know, once you really start to become a part of a persons life, you stop spending so much time thinking about their image. Even though my Mom tells me my beard and glasses make me look old, at least I know and I am sure she does too… that I am and will forever be young where it counts the most.

My ultimate moral of this story? Stop assuming and start learning.


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