Feel The Bern


It’s been quite some time since I became intrigued by politics or the even the idea of a great President. In fact the last time I would have to say was in History class learning about some of the greats, Washington, Lincoln, or Roosevelt just to name a few. People who not only had a voice but an honesty behind it. It’s one thing to blindly believe something someone says, it’s another thing to believe someone who gives you a reason to. Since I turned eighteen and have had the ability to vote I haven’t wanted to exercise the ability to do so, until now. I feel as if Bernie Sanders has all of the right ideas to help push this Nation into a better place than we ever had or imagined before. So much to the fact that after listening to just one of these speeches I couldn’t help but shake the thought that this man could be so great, that someone will undoubtedly take a chance on his life. And hopefully not, I like to think JFK could have done more wondrous things with this country had he the time, and with the things Bernie Sanders wants to do with our Country… I’d like to see him have all the time he needs to do just that. Without further adieu I will continue on by highlighting some of these very things…

-Free tuition for Public Schools and Universities.

Currently many Countries in Europe utilize this concept. Free schooling would help make America more independent and we would start being able to give more things to the world than we are taking. This would not only help us by making our people stronger individually and thus as a whole, but it would also help bring more revenue. I’d like to think that this little step would help balance out our economy. Eventually we could have less homeless and poor and we wouldn’t have such a struggle anymore.


-A larger taxation to the rich.

Part of his reasoning behind this is that with the amount of money the United States makes we would not be able to even have free tuition for education. And honestly as rich as some people are here I don’t think they need it all. I’m all about having what you work for, but the way our economy works… these people are getting much more than I think they deserve. Honestly if every one of the top one percent of the wealthiest people donated at least five to ten percent of their fortune to bettering America we probably wouldn’t even be talking about this right now. Look at it how you want, but I firmly believe in getting rid of the lower and higher classes and having a stronger middle class across the board. And with a better middle class, the rich still get richer.


-Free healthcare.

He states that free healthcare is a right to all U.S. citizens. And can anyone really disagree with that? Again this is another policy that is utilized in other foreign countries. Enough with with Obama Care crap, or having to pay medical bills the rest of our lives. If we have the ability to ensure the health of every last life in our country we need to be doing it, without killing the other part of them that matters… their wallet.


-Concern of our environment.

Bernie wants to fund research that can help us better understand ways to help preserve our planet so that generations after us can live in a better world. Such things as deterring away from fossil fuels and Investing in clean energy.



He is looking into putting money into bettering the way America works in general, such as roads, bridges, dams, grids, railways, airports, waterways, phone and internet lines. This means better Job programs which means better Jobs in general.


And these are just a few of the things he is looking into. To be more specific here is his pitch.


And if all of this still hasn’t got you sold on this guy yet. Here are a couple links to actually listen to him and make your own opinion for yourself.

You may very well not be interested in most of the things he has to say. But at least for me and many of my friends… he is hitting all of the sweetest spots. Truth be told though its easy to believe someone who believes in himself. And in Bernie Sanders case he not only believes in himself, but America as well. I know who I’m voting for. Do you?


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