Review: MGSV:TPP


“Whoa oh here she comes, watch out boy she’ll chew you up… whoa oh here she comes, shes a man eater!” the popular 80’s tune screams through the speakers of my Blackfoot helicopter after just having called it in for aerial support to aid in my escape.. One of the many aspects of the game that truly make you feel like you’re playing as “Big Boss”.

After having this title a little over a month, spending roughly 200 hours, and finally achieving the rigorous platinum trophy… I can safely say that if you only have enough money for one game this year, this should be the one. Being entirely worth retail price, It will most certainly keep you busy with not only the 50 main story missions but also the 157 side ops that you have the choice to undertake. And I highly advise doing so because in addition to just being plain fun… they help you acquire better staff, blueprints, in game currency, etc. You also have the choice to rescue various wildlife, collect cassette tapes, As well as other fun extras… like figuring out exactly what making D-Horse defecate really does (outside of humor factor)… all adding up to that platinum trophy you may or may not want to put the effort in for. Obviously for me it was worth the headaches. Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain has been one of the best games I have had the pleasure of playing. A true masterpiece that should a part of every gamer’s collection. So if you don’t have it already what are you waiting for? Mother Base needs you!

That being said, let us get on with

The Good


At the beginning of your deployment to every mission or side op you are able to choose your load out. And it gets even better with the customization of the items you choose. Everything from your weapons, to your outfits, buddies, vehicles, and tools. And boy do they let you do whatever you want. You could go in with lethal weapons blazing, rocket launcher, tank, combat armor… or you can drop in with stun and sleeping weapons, a horse, and a sneaking suit. It’s all up to you, you are the Boss you know. Do the missions how you want to. And oh did you forget something you desperately needed? No worries, you can call in a supply drop to bring you anything you need. Whether it be a specific weapon, a new buddy, a different outfit or car, you name it! The Blackfoot delivers. Of course this is all possible through your progress at Mother base.


Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain allows you to build a base of your very own. This allows you to have an R&D team to develop new weapons and gear for you to take out on missions. A base materials procurement team to help give you construction materials. A combat team to send out on deployments to acquire monetary prospects for mother base. A medical team to help get your staff back in the action. And an Intel team to aid you with vital information while you are out on missions. All teams are able to be leveled up by the ranking of staff that you take while in the field. This is all just a very clever ploy to make you forget about wanting to kill people which primarily works in conjunction with the Fulton recovery system that you have access to at the beginning of the game.


The Fulton system allows you to essentially steal soldiers, animals, vehicles, stationary weapons, and even construction materials… and send them directly to your Mother Base. Mainly it’s a useful tool to remove the enemy from the path of a patrol without having to pick him up and move his body out of sight.

I found the story to be quite wonderful even though I constantly hear how this title “just isn’t metal gear” and I agree and disagree with them. I believe most people who are saying this really haven’t completed the game as it has one of the biggest twists in the story of any media I have digested. It really did make me go “Holy shit, what just happened” when I finished it. There are plenty of moments in this game that made me wow while I was watching them. It isn’t as cut scene heavy as MGS4 and I do wish there could have been more notable characters and battles such as Laughing Octopus or Sniper Wolf. But all in all you just really don’t need them with how damn fun this game is to just pick up and play. All of the negative becomes quickly forgotten as you get lost in the action and engagement of this game.

The graphics and audio are both very well done and clash nicely with each other. It is most certainly a beautiful work of art.

The Bad


You spend absolutely way too much time waiting in a helicopter. But as soon as you land… who cares?

A lot of the side missions can be repetitive, and they are but honestly you really don’t take much notice. They get more difficult with each one so you are still constantly figuring out a way to get rid of the new threat. Destroy the tank unit 01 might just be a tank and four soldiers. While Destroy the tank unit 05 might have two tanks, an attack helicopter, and ten soldiers. I guess you could say yes they are repetitive, but they aren’t redundant.

Boss battles are lack luster in comparison to the former titles.

The Ugly

Some instances are way too glitchy for their own good. Most of my aggravation and headaches playing this game came from trying to obtain the platinum trophy. Some conversations that needed to be triggered wouldn’t and those were probably the worst ones. If you’re not a completionist though this shouldn’t bother you in the least.


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