Weekend mass

There has been a surge of violence lately. And it has been erupting in the form of mass shootings. Most recently with the San Bernardino tragedy. And with all of the buzz, it’s hard not to lock and load the comments, aim, and point blank the blame to anything that seems like it could be the real reason behind the incidents in question.

Well armed phrases like…

“Guns, guns are the problem. Just get rid of all the guns and we can create a safer world!” 

Which I personally don’t buy. We as humans have always found a way to kill no matter what tool or method was used.


“Stricter laws are needed, guns are ok, we just need to be able to control them!”

Again, what in human history makes us believe we can actually control anything effectively other than our own personal actions?

Phrases that all seem to make sense in their own form or fashion to whomever they may concern for all intents and purposes… But they tend to disarm the focus from what I believe to be the actual problem.


Or if you want to break it down further than that to be able to apply it less personally if that statement just so happens to offend you…


Belief in whatever it is that makes you as a person, feel as if you or the others around you, are right or wrong.

Because lets all be honest, the difference between right and wrong is all just a matter of opinion.

Which I have learned that…

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, because everyone’s opinion is wrong.

And while the Bible and i’m sure other countless religious scripts urge people to spread the word of God or whatever almighty Deity you might open your front door to… Correct me if I am wrong, but they state nothing about forcing the belief on others as far as I am aware.

Yet often these events happen where it becomes less…

“Have you heard of our lord and savior Jesus Christ?”

And more of…

“I’m going to kill you and all of your kin in the name of my God.”

Whether or not you’re simply dealing with a Jehovah’s witness visiting your resident on a daily basis that is unable to take no for an answer… or planes that are being crashed into important structures where loved ones are currently occupying…

We cannot deny that the one thing the world once believed in and utilized in order to attempt to make the world a better place… is now the one thing that is destroying it.

I am a firm believer in the ideology that “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”

I mean… the next time you see a gun kill a person I dare you to look at what is aiming down the sights. I’ll bet it’s not another gun.

With Nazi’s that have killed people with rifles and Templar’s that have killed people with swords.

Explain to me how Hitler is not similar to God.

Explain to me how firearms are really the problem.

And in a time like this where these such weapons, these guns… Are so easily accessible and abundant, I challenge the world to go ahead and TRY to make every single one of them disappear.

Seems like a feat more easily said than managed.

And even if we did what would it do?

Even the second amendment for us Americans clearly states…

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

So while I think we should be able to own and carry a firearm. I do also think that we could have stricter laws in place with who is able to receive them. Something to help aid in the aspect of “A well regulated Militia.” which it so cleverly leads with.

But then…

Who controls the Black Market?

I can probably be one hundred percent correct in assuming it’s not the Government.

Which is what would regulate the Militia to begin with.

That being said I also feel we are far too gone to go back now. Without all out War, or some kind of purge to start all over from square one… we are just stuck in a frame of mind that includes so many different beliefs and ideals from so many different sides that no one will come to any kind of agreement or compromise because we as human beings simply can’t.

Because simply…

We fight for what we believe in.

So why not believe in something different? Something better?

Maybe a belief that all of man was created equal. A belief in which all lives matter.

If you ask me why I think we don’t or won’t? It’s because we don’t share a common enemy. And until we do, we will continue to fight each other. As sophisticated as a race as we are. We are still animals. Still feeding the primal desires inside of us. Still hungering for power. It’s the way of the animal kingdom, the fight for survival in whatever aspect that may be.

Whether it is defending yourself and the other hundred people around you from an assault rifle, finding a way to pay your mortgage, or securing your place in heaven.

We do whatever we can to ensure survival.

And with all of the drama and trouble we cause for ourselves, with all of the problems that we ourselves are the creators of…

Peace is far distant dream I fear we will never see come to fruition.

We will always find War.

Whether it’s a fight outside of our skin or somewhere deep within us.

Whether it’s real life enemies or imaginary friends.

We thrive on conflict.

I personally do not think religion was ever a good thing. I feel that it did and still does have potential to make people better. There are non spiritual aspects about it that I do agree with. But I feel very strongly that it was something created to give people power. Something to give peace of mind. And if it wasn’t made and intended with that mindset, it was most certainly applied that way.

Take a look at the murderers involved with these mass shootings for instance. As long as they believe in God and seek forgiveness for their actions, they are able to traverse his enchanted and holy kingdom endlessly.

Whereas someone like me. With all the great morals and guidelines I live by, who has never done any unholy acts, will undoubtedly suffer an eternity of hell-fire and brimstone because I have not accepted God as my Lord and savior.

But lets not dabble on current affairs, instead gander and educate yourselves on the brutal Crusades or the middle-ages in the time Christianity was at an all time high. God was just an excuse for them to rape, pillage, plunder, and be able to get away with it, with their idea of a clear conscience.

And if that really was the case…

What is so different now?


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