From the ashes

When the smoke clears I’ll wonder where the ashes came from. How sparks flew, embers started, and what possibly went wrong. Think a moment. Is it a chance that this all began with a fire? Only a fool would believe it didn’t stem from my desire. Breathe in, you can’t. Survive it, you won’t… Haven’t … More From the ashes

Empty epidemic

Can a doctor best my condition? Maybe with medication? I’m not so sure… The disease that indeed ails me, recommends no such cure. Love is more certainly a sickness than the greatness of its confines. Assorted symptoms like sweating, shakes, and dizziness combine. But when they worsen the effects are not so divine. How does … More Empty epidemic

Courage calls

Where do I find strength? From where does it derive? I need it’s very existence in every stroke, every stride. It may sound bleak, but yes I must confide… I need something from the shore to help change the tide. It’s a long hard road that must start with a walk, the search for such … More Courage calls

Destined defined

Destiny has chosen sometimes both few and far between. The courses of our actions, do we know what they mean? I digress from attempts to ascertain my path. Ive tried for too long with too little to grasp. We test whats all around us and question the rest. But at best not knowing hurts much … More Destined defined

Fairy farce

It’s not like the fairy tales. Once upon a time, a tall tale. A figment of imagination in which we all fail. A dream that is too pale. Whether filled with a large, or small pail. Is more than could ever be found with such a small trail. Happiness defined all on a whim. Delusions … More Fairy farce

Prismatic plea

It’s much like the breaking of light at dawn. On the verge of right at the edge of wrong. A pause in corruption before it is lifted. The cause for obstruction elegantly gifted. No greater time for a break from the dark. Many eyes await such a simplistic spark. It’s guidelines of hope defined by … More Prismatic plea

Friendship forlorn

This room is a facade of genuine fortune. But in all actuality it is in concept, lonesome. With every solitude moment temptation arises. The longing for company seldom full of surprises. My clever endeavor for silence is golden, but the astute truth is that chaos is sworn in. Ill be culminating needs with which to … More Friendship forlorn