Weekend mass

There has been a surge of violence lately. And it has been erupting in the form of mass shootings. Most recently with the San Bernardino tragedy. And with all of the buzz, it’s hard not to lock and load the comments, aim, and point blank the blame to anything that seems like it could be … More Weekend mass

Time for change.

Have you ever stopped and said to yourself… “I wonder where I’m going?” It’s easy for people to lose sight of the path they’ve set for themselves. And I for one am no exception. I’ve come to learn the question isn’t where am I going, or even where did I start. It starts simply with … More Time for change.

Rising allusioN : Chapter 1 : Calm before the storm (Rough draft)

So I figured it was about time I posted the rough draft first chapter of my book on here to get some feedback and reviews etc. It does not reveal any major plot points and is not very lengthy, so just get enveloped into the characters and my writing style. Without further adieu I hope you … More Rising allusioN : Chapter 1 : Calm before the storm (Rough draft)

Respect retrospect

I envision a greater meaning of the word respect. It seems lost on those who only choose to accept an exception… rather than make an attempt on the connection. Earning the title you deserve for it to be interpreted wrongly on a whim of an effortless brain waive defines the narrow minds of many. Built … More Respect retrospect