The Baytowne Melt

In the mood for fresh take on an old classic? This place will ensure you have a “meltdown at Baytowne.”    It’s not too often I see a new idea in the form of food places go and grab my attention. Especially one wrapped around the simple idea of grilled cheese sandwiches. Though believe me … More The Baytowne Melt

Batman V Superman

A lot of buzz has been surrounding this new box office title due March of next year. But will it stand up to expectations, fail, or maybe even exceed them? I have to admit the first bite of news I chewed off from this topic was the headline “Ben Affleck to be the new Batman”. … More Batman V Superman

Boob Tube

It’s not everyday a television show comes along and has the ability to captivate you. With so many to choose from these days… sometimes you run into a winner and sometimes you don’t. But it is easy to find something depending on what mood you are trying to facilitate. If you’re sad and need a … More Boob Tube

Focal Point

It’s ¬†been quite awhile since I posted something here. To be honest I was lost for some time, not sure which avenue in life to go down or what exactly I wanted to do. With as many talents as I have rather than focusing on one thing at a time, I’ve been attempting to do … More Focal Point

My heart’s descent.

There’s this feeling I have. It’s like I can’t breathe. And my heart, my heart it’s beating rapidly as it falls through my chest, but while never leaving it’s place. Continuously pumping blood just to keep me alive long enough to see the real pain come. And it does. While it slips through my fingers … More My heart’s descent.

Time for change.

Have you ever stopped and said to yourself… “I wonder where I’m going?” It’s easy for people to lose sight of the path they’ve set for themselves. And I for one am no exception. I’ve come to learn the question isn’t where am I going, or even where did I start. It starts simply with … More Time for change.


I was on my phone today trying to use the internet and it just wasn’t working out for me. Things taking forever to load, click to retry this, tap to refresh that, all leading to an inevitable dead end of massive boredom proportions. So here I am in the middle of no where trying to … More Internot?